Here’s what each state says about taking photos while you vote

By: AJ Willingham, Giulia Heyward, Christina Maxouris and Nakia McNabb, CNN

Updated: October 29, 2020, 10:03 PM EDT

Good for you! You’re heading out to the polls (or the dropbox) to vote. You should be proud that you’re fulfilling your role in our democracy. You may even want to snap a photo to show off your civic duty.

But check the rules first. In some states, taking photos of any kind at polling places is illegal or discouraged. Mail-in and drop-box voters aren’t off the hook, either, since some states forbid photographing ballots. Even in more permissive states, courtesy and common sense are key: You should avoid disrupting the voting process, and you never want to infringe upon someone else’s privacy.

If you’re ever in doubt, ask a poll worker or play it safe and just post that spiffy “I voted” sticker once you’re done.

Here’s a rundown of every state’s laws and recommendations when it comes to ballot selfies and voting photos.


State Name


You take photos outside the location.


You take photos inside the location.


You take selfies with your ballot.

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